Fantasy Lingerie Review – Why You Should Buy Sexy Lingerie Online

Imagine a free pass into the largest lingerie store where you roam freely, looking at all items that suit your fancy without the constant glances of a shop attendant? That is quite a temptation, and the reason why Fantasy Lingerie online store was created. Fantasy Lingerie is an Australian online store that is well equipped with intimate apparel for those special moments. It is a well organized site that offers online shoppers the opportunity to browse around and pick out the lingerie of their choice in ultimate privacy. The wide selection of apparel is clearly displayed in eye-catching photos

At Fantasy Lingerie, the shopper has access to more than just sexy nightwear. The site offers sexy intriguing costumes and footwear in thousands of styles. If you thought that this site is for women only, you are mistaken. You can also choose something for your man from a range of designer men’s lingerie.

How to Navigate Through Fantasy Lingerie

This is a wonderfully user friendly and colorful site. On the left side of the homepage, you will find a link to the latest arrivals, arranged according to the people’s favorites. Since the site loads in a flash, it is quite easy to navigate through the pages in search of the type of lingerie you prefer.

On the homepage of Fantasy Lingerie is a host of the site’s best sellers. The page also displays any offers so that all shoppers benefit from them. If you would like to view the items you wish to purchase, you can click on “My Shopping Cart” link on the extreme right of the home page. You can also add your favorite designs to “My Wish List”.

The extreme right of the home page displays a series of offers, info and hyperlinks to other pages featuring more lingerie options. It is at this side of the page that the shopper is informed of the Loyalty Rewards that each purchase is entitled to, and the Free Gifts awarded to purchases of over $100 AUD.

It goes further to inform the shopper that the billing and shipping is done discreetly, and one can expect the purchases to be delivered immediately. The best thing about this site is that every item displayed is in stock. This means that the site is constantly modified to add new arrivals and take away sold out items from display. Incase you are not happy with your shopping experience, you can always contact them via the ‘Contact Us’ button.

If you do not have a specific idea of what you want for your special night, there is a wide range of apparel from which to choose. Fantasy Lingerie offers sexy apparel, hosiery and body stockings, corsets and bustiers, bridal lingerie, swimwear and club wear, as well as a range of men’s intimate nightwear and a host of accessories. The photos of these items are clear and inviting, with the sizes in which the lingerie is available also displayed beside the photos. The price for each item is also indicated. All prices are in Australian Dollars.

How to Make a Purchase on Fantasy Lingerie

The main reason why the online lingerie store was created is to give customers the ultimate shopping experience. This is evident through the wide variety of affordable items from which to choose, as well as the confidentiality in which the company handles the delivery. Here is a simplified process of making a purchase on this site.

To start with, browse around to find what fits your taste. Once you find the item of your choice, click on it to get more information. If you like it, specify the color, size and quantity then click on ‘Add to Cart’. You can repeat the process for all items you want to purchase. Click on ‘My Shopping Cart’ to verify the items selected, and to get the total cost. Input the delivery details in the shipping form provided and select the method through which you wish to make the payment. Once you verify that the information is correct, click ‘Submit Order’, and you are good to go.

Fantasy Lingerie has made shopping errands more exciting and stress free. Its wide range of superbly styled designer lingerie makes it the ideal online store for anyone over the age of 18 years.


The information contained in this review has been penned to the best of my knowledge at the time that this article was written. The website contents may vary for a variety of reasons, including upgrading.

Plus Size Lingerie – A Primer

Under garments is the most essential part of your wardrobe, irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman. Fashion houses, the world over, including Chantelle and Wacoal bras etc, have constantly vied with each other to produce irresistible trends in regular size lingerie. However, if you are someone who requires plus size lingerie, then the choices have always been different. However, with more and more people increasingly seeking such lingerie, brands are again vying with each other for supremacy in this market. Knowing more about such lingerie will help individuals who require plus size undergarments to choose better.

Plus size lingerie is available in different sizes and buying the right size is extremely important if you want to look good. Moreover, whenever you shop for lingerie, including Chantelle and Wacoal bras, make sure you check your size, given that your size could keep changing constantly. Lingerie stores have measuring systems that allow you to measure your exact size before buying such lingerie. It is important to take full advantage of this service before actually shopping. Apart from ensuring that you buy lingerie in perfect size, it will help you avoid wasting time trying out various things whilst buying such lingerie.

Similarly, akin to regular size lingerie, plus size lingerie is also available in different materials, including silk, lycra, cotton, lace and the like. Under the circumstances, choosing the perfect material for your Chantelle lingerie or Wacoal bras will largely depend on your personal preferences. It is important to note that whilst some people prefer silk, others might like and feel more comfortable in cotton. Hence it is always important to choose a material that makes you feel comfortable whilst also making you look good.

Moreover, it is important to note that plus size lingerie is no longer restricted to the old fashioned bloomers and boxers but actually includes different styles and trends. Under the circumstances, choosing the perfect style that suits your needs as well as your body type is extremely important. Hence irrespective of whether you are choosing Chantelle or Wacoal bras, make sure you buy a style that suits you and you feel comfortable wearing.

Interestingly, apart from being available in your regular retail stores, plus size lingerie is also available online. Reasons for the popularity of online stores for selling such lingerie are mainly twofold. Primarily, it is extremely convenient for the individual, who just has to log on to the internet and search for such lingerie, which leads to several results. Secondly and more importantly, it affords the buyer the anonymity, which is not available in retail stores. Given that most women are not proud of their plus sizes, shopping for such lingerie in the retail store can be embarrassing, which is avoided by shopping online.

Apart from these two reasons, shopping online for lingerie has the added advantage of being able to see and select from a bigger variety than you would get, if you were to shop in a retail store. However, the only hitch about shopping online for lingerie is that you need to know your exact size, given that online shops do not have any measuring facilities. Once you are sure of your size, you can use the online models available on the website to see how different lingerie will appear, if worn by you. Always remember to choose styles, colors and patterns that you prefer and find most comfortable, instead of blindly following fashion.

Budgeting for your lingerie shopping is the last factor that you should consider when choosing plus size lingerie for yourself. While it is easy to go overboard when faced with different styles of Chantelle or Wacoal bras and other under garments, it is important to keep in mind the budgetary restrictions and adhere to it. By doing so, you will only look at those options that fit in your budget and hence will not get confused.

6 Tips You Can Use When Buying Lingerie For Women

Buying lingerie for women can be more difficult than buying regular clothes. When buying lingerie you have to worry about all of your measurements rather than just one at a time. Most lingerie comes with a top piece and a bottom piece and if it’s not fitted properly it will be uncomfortable to wear. Before going lingerie shopping you will want to know your measurements and these tips.

First you’ll want to get lingerie that has a good fit to your body. This is important when you’re purchasing lingerie because you don’t want to have lines being revealed through your clothing. By having lingerie that’s a good fit you will avoid this problem and feel comfortable while doing your daily activities.

Next you’ll want to pick and stay within a budget. There are many different ranges of prices for lingerie. By searching the sale or clearance racks you can get high quality lingerie for cheap. When sticking with your budget you will also want to consider the occasions in which you will wear your lingerie.

You will want different lingerie for different occasions. You should have lingerie that’s used just for special occasions or dates as well as lingerie that you wear every day. If you’re buying lingerie to get the attention of your partner then you may choose to have something that’s rather revealing and that you only wear once in a great while. Just know which occasions you’re purchasing your lingerie for.

There are so many different styles of lingerie that you can choose from. This can make choosing lingerie for different occasions fun and exciting because you can have a different style for each occasion. Different lingerie ranges from demi cup bras and see through bras to baby dolls, teddies, and thongs. Be creative when mixing and matching your lingerie and you will have fun shopping for it.

Besides going to stores and shopping for lingerie you can also shop online. There’s a huge advantage to shopping online versus shopping in a store. You can not only visit multiple stores online to find the best deal however you will also be able to find many more styles and sizes online then you would in a store. This also helps some women who do not feel comfortable buying lingerie in public. Whether you’re shopping online or in a brick and mortar store you will want to know the return policies of that store in case the item doesn’t fit comfortably or is damaged that you may not notice at first.

Finally you will want to consider the materials that the lingerie is made out of and the colors. There are many different materials that you can buy ranging from cotton to silk and satin. You should choose whichever fabrics you would feel most comfortable in. The color choices for lingerie are almost unlimited when you shop online. However if you’re looking for a seductive color then you will want to stick with red and black. Knowing these tips will help you purchase the lingerie that you desire.